What is Keylogger / What is Keylogger in Computer

Keyloggers are a serious threat to users and the users’ data, as they track the keystrokes to intercept passwords and other sensitive information typed in through the keyboard. This gives hackers the benefit of access to PIN codes and account numbers, passwords to online shopping sites, email ids, email logins, and other confidential information, etc

What does a keylogger / Malware / Trojan do?

Basically, the keylogger monitors each keystroke of the user. The malware keeps track of the keystroke and saves the user’s information locally, later the hacker requires physical access to retrieve the stored user information. It also works the other way where the hacker can gain instant access to the user data through the Internet and exploit that, which is a serious threat.

Some keyloggers are programmed to record/log the keystrokes only after a certain activity is initiated. For instance, the keylogger program would start recording only when the user opens the browser to access a specific website to hack the secret passwords of different accounts.

How Do Keyloggers Get on the User’s Computer?

When the user has an outdated antivirus, or when the antivirus is turned off or if the user has not got it installed, and the user visits malicious websites, the keylogger finds its way to reach the computer. Virus protection tools are to be kept up-to-date and if not done, they cannot defend or deny such keylogging activities.

Another possible way is that the keyloggers find a way through .exe files. However, it is not possible to restrict or limit to deny .exe files just to avoid keyloggers as most of the important programs run through .exe files.

What is malware?

Malware is any executable program or software that is intentionally designed to cause disruption to a computer, server, client, or computer network, leak private information, gain unauthorized access to information or systems, deprive users of access to information, or which unknowingly interfere with the user’s computer security and privacy to take them unauthorized and unwanted exploit.

What is Trojan / Trojan Horse?

Trojan comes to the computer system by hiding their identity

Trojans are deceptive programs that appear to perform one function, but in fact perform another, malicious function. They might be disguised as free software, videos or music, or seemingly legitimate advertisements.

The term “trojan virus” is not technically accurate; according to most definitions, trojans are not viruses. A virus is a program that spreads by attaching itself to other software, while a trojan spreads by pretending to be useful software or content. Many experts consider spyware programs, which track user activity and send logs or data back to the attacker, as a type of trojan.

How can we prevent our system from a Keylogger/malware/trojan?

  • Don’t connect to the system from an unknown wi-fi network.
  • Cleanup of the system.
  • Delete the unknown files.
  • Scan cards, pen drives, or CDs before connecting to the system.
  • Visit a malware-free website.
  • Install the registered antivirus into the system.
  • Avoid visiting malicious websites.


We are here to share knowledge with others. Our mission guide you tech world to get new opportunities and inventions.


We are here to share knowledge with others. Our mission guide you tech world to get new opportunities and inventions.

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