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Many people ask me this question, How to increase my logic, I can think of programming logic but can’t able to apply them in the project. when you want to be good Software or Website Developer. Your logic must be good. So in this post, I’m gonna tell you how you improve your programming logic.

3 ways to improve Programming Logics (Read Other Code, Do Freelancing, Go with these sites: HackerRank, CodeChef, LeetCode, HackerEarth, Codingninjas)

So the first thing is you need to understand what is the logic. Logic is a basic thing of mathematical calculation. Logic is the way to find answers to a particular problem. For example, if I say to you try to add 4+6+10 you can give an answer immediately, but solving this question will be like adding those given numbers the final result will be our answer 20. Solving any problem in mathematics can be called logic.

In programming, logic is a very required thing for developers. Most developers who are maths good easily can understand the programming logic. When you have good logic straight you can easily understand programming languages and their work. But some of the developers are not good at stating the logic. For them, I created a path so they don’t have to worry about logic anymore. In programming, there are many ways to increase our logical skills,  some of which I have given below.

3 Ways to improve Logic

  1. Read Others Code: Reading others’ codes and logic is very helpful. most developers don’t want to read other developers’ code. According to one survey, 80% of developers don’t want to use previous developer code if they got a previous build project. Every developer wants to create their own logic and code. But in my case others reading code we can enhance our coding skills 2X, coz if we found an issue in other developer logics they can enhance the previous code and improve their logics.

You can find the batter code from any open-source project. This will help you to increase your coding skills more and faster. Some of the websites provide open source projects you can learn their code. 3 ways to get open source projects

  1. Github
  2. Sourceforge
  3. Google code

Let me know if you want more open-source project websites. I’ll create another separate post for it

 2. Freelance Projects: Learning with Earning is the best way to learn anything. Most of the learning I done with freelancing projects. Even my first project was only in HTML and CSS. where I create an e-commerce design from scratch. Freelancing is my favorite way to learn how to code. Some people have a fear of pic any project. They think they can’t able to complete the project within the deadline. I’m not asking to grab the big project and stuck in the worse part of the programmer’s life. Just try with a smaller one.

You can ask anyone who wants a website or software at a cheap price, and if you fear not completing, just ask to complete the project for free. This will help you to come out from your fear and next time you can ask for a price for your work. Once you have completed your first project you will have enough courage to get a new one. This time you definitely get paid for a new project.

3. Competitive Programming: Now a day’s competition is everywhere. Many programmers enhance their skills with coding contests and quizzes. This process is a faster one if you have corsage to face a competitor. In competitive programming, you will get the problem and you need to complete that problem within time. The timer is an optional thing for a pro developer. 

Competitive programming is always not good. Some people lose many times so they think they do not belong in development. They could be a slow learner. They can have the potential to do hard work and get their dream job. For them, I just have one message don’t lose the hope 

Some of the competitive programming websites are given below.

Conclusion: This is the process I used for becoming a good developer. Following this path is not that much easy but if you just follow it with the same compassion and hard work I can say that in only after 6 months you will have your dream job. 



We are here to share knowledge with others. Our mission guide you tech world to get new opportunities and inventions.


We are here to share knowledge with others. Our mission guide you tech world to get new opportunities and inventions.

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